I'm feeling overwhelmed and not sure about what I need for my upcoming function. Can you help?

YES! Send me an email at info@forthemoment.com.au I am more than happy to assist.


Do you create decals/labels only?

No, unfortunately at this stage I do not offer this service. If you are stuck on finding someone, email me at info@forthemoment.com.au and I may be able to recommend someone.


I can see your local to me; do you offer pick-up?

Yes! If you are wanting to save yourself the delivery fee, just select 'Pick-up' in the checkout. Pick-ups are weekends in the mornings (8am-11am) and address will be provided to you once your order is ready. If this doesn't suit you - let me know and we can work on a time and day together :)


Do you have a showroom? I want to see the item(s) and potentially place an order.

FOR THE MOMENT is an online boutique. I don't have a showroom at this stage but may be something to look into for the future. I do not keep stock at the pick-up address.


Do you ship to the US?

Sorry! Not at this stage. All items are shipped Australia Wide.


I’ve already purchased my stefana elsewhere; can you please make me a personalised ribbon? 

Sorry! We only offer this service to our Stefana range.


Do you price match? I found a lady that sells the exact product.
Short answer, no. 
Although the products look ‘the same’, they are still very different and we all have our own suppliers and methods in place which is why we price accordingly. 

I love that font! Can I please have the name of it? 
Thank you - but a lot of time and effort has been put in towards finding the best fonts for FTM. We will not disclose the font names. 

I’m not sure what size box to get, what do you suggest?

All our gift boxes have the measurements stated in the description. A great measuring guide is, our medium gift box fits 2 wine bottles.